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How to Work With a Recruiter

Recruiters can seem like demons that pick out all your worst qualities, or they can be like job-providing angels sent down from heaven; in either situation, if you’re retaining their services for free, you’re probably a job-seeker and you could be totally in the dark about whether they can really get you a job.

The key to working with a recruiter is to have accurate expectations. While it is true that a recruiter can be incredibly helpful in helping someone get a job, it is important to understand a few things in order to avoid a disappointing outcome.

9 Reasons to Fall in Love with Nursing

In a very basic sense, nursing is a profession of love. Love means giving of yourself, without asking anything in return, and this is what nurses do every day.

You never know what you’re going to get at the beginning of a shift. You might get a patient that is an absolute joy to work with and save lives. You are equally likely to witness death and have blood and tears all over your scrubs.

At the end of the day, what matters is that you gave a piece of yourself to people you don’t even know — you helped them no matter how badly they treated you, or how tired your feet were, or how many other patients needed you, too. And that is an act of love.

Cover Letters: Don’t Bother

In my daily search for information on job interviews, resumes and cover letters, I tend to see the same advice: Don’t make your resume more than one page, get prepared for the interview, and always send a cover letter. Always.

But yesterday I came across someone that says something completely different. His basic philosophy is: “Cover letters? Don’t bother.”

Lying on the Employment Resume

Ever wanted to just erase your inglorious past as a Denny’s server and forget that unfortunate plate-smashing incident that got you fired? The only thing standing between you and the job of your dreams is your actual job history. Not anymore.

Enter (also known as, a questionable business dedicated to fabricating the perfect job history for the career you’ve always wanted.

The 25 Species of Coworkers

They might be lurking in the cubicle next to you or lounging in a cushy corner office. They could be e-nagging you daily or haunting your dreams at night. That’s right, the people you work with have the power to influence, annoy, inspire, and scare the living daylights out of you (work nightmares, anyone?).

Since you’re stuck with them 40 hours a week (at least!) you might as well understand them. We’ve come up with a field guide to the most common species of coworkers, no matter where you work. These types transcend every type of workplace — we guarantee you’ll find a few you recognize.

JustAnswer Expert Help Center

Included an audit, content strategy development, and coordination with product, marketing and design to execute.

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JustAnswer corporate blogging

2013: The year of the repeat customer

You might say that 2012 was the year of customer satisfaction.  As a company, we focused heavily on response rate to make sure every customer got an answer (remember this response rate blog post?), and the overall satisfaction of customers.  We did hours and hours of analysis on customer satisfaction, which resulted in a resource to you: the series on customer satisfaction, the Anatomy of an Answer.  We rolled out the scorecard, which gave you some insights into what customers think of your service.

[ …] We’ll be in constant contact with our Product Ambassadors while we build these tools so that professionals’ feedback is integrated from Day 1, and we’ll be dreaming up contests to help inspire you to bring your customers back, over and over again.

The Anatomy of an Answer

Why do customers love the highest quality professionals on In early 2012, we did an intensive study into highly successful professionals, breaking down their responses and customer service skills.  We hope the below information will help you improve your answer quality.

Setting the right tone with a customer can set up your whole interaction for success. We’ve gathered the tools and information you need to start off on the right foot.

Listening Ears
Now that you’ve engaged with the customer and set the proper expectations, ask the right questions to make sure you address their needs.

Body of an Answer
The difference between what makes your answer correct, versus what makes your answer professional.

Empathy isn’t something that’s taught in school, but maybe it should be. As the foundation of the Golden Rule – “Treat others as you would wish to be treated” – empathy is a powerful tool to help you truly understand someone else – and get to the heart of a great answer.

Helping Hand
From our research into successful answers, we’ve seen that providing additional supporting information to back up your answer does in fact improve your customers’ satisfaction.

Transactional email copywriting

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Lifestyle content writing 

25 Things a Professional Woman Should Never (Ever!) Wear

Featured on: Yahoo!’s Shine, DivineCaroline, Excelle, ArtBistro, AdminSecret, CAREEREALISM,

We hate to admit it, because we personally feel that clothes shouldn’t matter. In a perfect world, a person would be judged at their workplace based solely on the caliber of their work. Unfortunately, that’s not how the world works. How you choose to dress each morning reflects how you feel about your job – that you take your position seriously, that you are ready to work and that you pay attention to detail and know what you expect to encounter that day.

25 Best U.S. Vacation Cities On the Cheap

Featured on: Yahoo! homepage,,,, Excelle

Gearing up for your summer vacation, but aren’t sure which direction to go? When it comes to vacationing in the U.S., you’ve got 50 states full of unique travel destinations. So which city is the best travel destination? We’ve rated 25 cities for vacationing by examining what each has to offer: culture, food, travel expenses and more!

The 15 Coolest Office Gadgets

Featured on: Monster College, InsideTech, Yahoo!’s Shine, AdminSecret

If you have to be stuck at your desk all day, you might as well make it fun. From the totally useful to the completely random, there’s no end to the gadgets that can perk up your work day. Here’s our collection of the greatest office gadgets of all time!

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