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DIY Wedding Bouquet Verdict: Absurdly Easy

November 13, 2012

Wedding bouquets can cost upwards of $300 – I’m sorry, but I can order 100 pretty ranunculus online for that, and I’d rather roll around in a giant pile of ranunculus than cough up that kind of money for 1 measly – though beautiful, I’m sure – bouquet.

Since great artists steal, I stole the idea of using a big Xerographica air plant from this wedding.  Then, I did a quick Googlin’ for the best place to order, which is here (they take a few weeks, and are non-responsive to their Contact Us email… I should send them my Customer Service post… I had a moment of panic the week before the wedding, but it all worked out).

I added a little bling from Michael’s, some tuberose (hubs’ favorite flower) and a bit of green hydrangea from Whole Foods, and absolutely loved the results.

Full cost: $34.50

Air plant: $22.00

Bling: $1.50 at Michael’s

Green hydrangea: $2.00/stem

Tuberose: $5.00/stem

Ribbon: $3.00/half yard

Floral wire: $1.00


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