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One day, when I own my own coffee shop

October 19, 2013

My husband and I are always talking about businesses to start, and at breakfast the other day we discovered the perfect way to marry literature and food: Literary-themed coffee shop.  Name tbd, but menu is redonk already.

It’ll be on Mission near my house, where the buildings are cheap right now and fixies and yogas are just starting to make their way into the neighborhood.

Menu ideas:

Green Eggs and Hamingway
J. R. R.  Egg Yolkien
French Toalstoy
Dan hash Browns

Frank ‘n’ beans Herbert
CorMac-karthy and cheese
F. Steak and Pom Fritzgerald
Ground Chuck Palaniuk burger
Jane Au Jus-tin sandwich
Chile Jules Verde
Quinoa Achebe
Stephen King salmon
Mung Rolled Dahl
pAnn fried Rice
Fyodor Borsch-toyevsky
J.k. Fowl wings (chicken wings with blue cheese)
PiDante Diablo pasta

Stanislaw Lemon tart
Bananas Foster Wallace
Joyce Carroll Oatsmeal cookies
Mayan Chocolate Angelou

Emily Pickleson martini
Che Guava-era margarita
R.L. Stine of beer
Franz Koffeeka

Agar Agartha Christie mystery gel

Would you come?!?!  We’d have pretty books all over the walls and nice places to sit. 🙂

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