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Create something today even if it sucks.

March 31, 2016

Today, I break my blogging dry spell, thanks to a t-shirt.

I went outside for lunch about 30 minutes ago, stressed about the growing number of emails in my inbox, the baby at home, and a lovely car snafu from earlier in the week.  As I was walking towards the grocery store, I passed a guy in a maroon t-shirt with the words:

So here we are.  Thanks, maroon shirt guy.

And so what am I creating today?

My happiness, I hope.  By actually putting words to website and making real what’s always in my head, I want to create:

-Short stories

-Big novels

-Words about beautiful things

I’ve been hesitant to blog about life with baby because I’m unsure how she’ll react to being written about when she’s old enough to register that she didn’t have a choice.  Sorry, Simone, but mommy needs an outlet. We’ll negotiate payback when you’re older.




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